Hand Hewn Hollow-Outs & Box Beams

Often in new construction and remodels, you will have an ugly LVL or I-beam running right through the most visible areas of your living space. These structural members need to be covered up in one way or another. Depending on the size of the member, we will hollow out or “canoe” an antique beam to fit over it. Once done, it is impossible to tell that the structural element is not an authentic solid antique beam. Provide us with the dimensions on what you need to cover and we will let you know what we can do to cover it up!

Box beams serve the same purpose as a Hollow-out Beam: to cover unsightly metal or wood support beams
A hollow, box beam is preferred in some applications because it uses less wood, making the beam an affordable, lightweight option that is easier to install.
Every box beam handcrafted in our shop is lock mitered, resurfaced and stained to the customer’s preference.

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